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UK Daily Mail: Thugs ruin 4th of July.

Look at the six bulletins listed below by the UK Daily Mail. What do you think they all have in common?

From UK Daily Mail…

# Six dead and 28 wounded in Chicago Link
# Child shot and man stabbed to death in Baltimore Link
# Two teenagers shot in Indiana
# Eight shootings in Boston and four people dead Link
# Two shot dead in Atlantic City Link
# Two brothers shot dead in Jacksonville Link

It should have been a time for celebration when people across the nation were proud to say they were American.

But instead the July 4 weekend was plagued by spates of violence all over the country.

Six men died and 28 others were wounded in a number of shootings and stabbings across Chicago between Friday afternoon and this morning.

Mob of young black thugs ruins 4th of July in Baltimore, MD.