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16 year old killed in racially motivated attack.

A 16 year old white male was horrifically murdered in public by a mob of seven black male thugs.

From UK Daily Mail…

Leaning across the bus seat, these teenage killers shake hands in a sickening moment of self-congratulation.

One is heard to say to another: ‘You’re the new young boss.’

Just half an hour earlier they had been among a vicious gang who hunted down a schoolboy ‘like a pack of wild dogs’ before knifing him to death.

The gang are now behind bars. They were jailed for a total of 74 years yesterday over the killing in broad daylight in a busy shopping street of 16-year-old Nicholas Pearton.

The teenager was pursued across a suburban park by his attackers, many of whom were still in their school uniform, before he was stabbed through the heart and collapsed in a shop doorway in front of his mother, Kim.

Victim: Nicolas Pearton was killed in South London after being chased by seven gang members across a park before being stabbed in a shop door

As the gang fled, they waved their knives in the air and shouted the name of the gang ‘triumphantly’.

Gordon – known as ‘Lamarr the scar’ because he had a scar from 23 stitches in his face – was heard to praise Green’s knifing, telling him: ‘You’re the new young boss’.