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3 black males arrested for killing interracial couple.

Photo from NBC 17 Sanford, NC. White women who date black men immediately place themselves in the absolute highest risk category for being a victim of a violent crime.

White women who marry black men are 12 times more likely to be killed by their husband than white women married to white men. In fact, black men are 33% more likely to murder their wife if she is white. Hollywood glamorizes white female / black male relationships. The reality is these women put themselves in the single highest risk category for being physically abused or murdered.

However, the violence these women face at the hands of their boyfriends/husbands isn’t the only violence. As we have discussed before, these women routinely find themselves attacked by others in the black community as well. The most successful black men in an area tend to be among the ones most likely to acquire white girlfriends or wives. Jealousy fuels attacks against these white women. The rate at which successful black men reject black women has become a bitter national controversy in the black media.

A perfect example of this is black singer Kanye West. He hates white people so much he has disrupted three live televised events, one red cross telethon and two MTV award ceremonies, to go on racial tirades. Yet at the same time, he expresses his preference for white women in his songs. His love/hate obsession manifested in a sinister way with a new video titled “Monster.” He depicts himself killing and decapitating white women. West’s open preference for “white bitches” in his songs is a source of anger among female columnists in the black media.

Here is the latest example. In North Carolina, three black males have been arrested for kidnapping, murdering, and burning the bodies of a white female /black male interracial couple. The female victim apparently met the  male victim at a hip hop dance club with a mostly black clientele. They left the club together and were later found dead in a burning car.

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White women who marry a black husband increase their chances of being a victim of spousal homicide by 12.4 times.

In the report, “Fatal Violence among Spouses in the United States, 1976-85,” by James A. Mercy and Linda E. Saltzman, spousal homicide is examined along racial lines. Click Here for PDF.