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Al-Qaeda linked professional Jihadi now in charge of Tripoli.

Commander in Tripoli united rival Berber and Arab tribes under a banner of Jihad, not “freedom and democracy.”

[youtube 1D7yVkSyIPs]

Related: Libyan rebels hunting dark-skinned Sub-Saharan immigrants.

Several years ago Qaddafi’s mercenary forces from Eurasian and the Balkans began leaving. He resorted to using Sub-Saharan African mercenaries. Large numbers of Sub-Saharan migrant workers were also brought into the nation in recent years as the Libyan middle class grew. As reported five months ago by, dark-skinned Africans were being hunted and lynched by Libyan rebels. The so-called “mainstream” media is only just now talking about it as if it were a brand new phenomenon. The “mainstream” does not really care about these individuals. It is only being reported now because Obama, Hillary, Cameron, and Sarkozy want to convince the public to accept a full scale invasion of Libya under the banner of “preventing a humanitarian crises.”

See article from BBC. told you about this five months ago.