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Another black mob attacks white people in Philadelphia. Media censors.

Philadelphia is seeing almost weekly racially motivated mob attacks on white people. The media censors all mention of the race and only prints tiny stories calling them “flash mobs.”

Two men age 33 and 59 were treated at a local hospital. Four teens, one only 11 years old, were arrested.

Here is footage from a local FOX station. Notice the mob in the security camera footage is 100% black. Every video of every other “flash mob” in Philadelphia has also been 100% black. All the victims we have identified so far have been white. Yet the media censors all mention of race. It is never called a “hate crime.” They pretend it is a “teen problem,” not a race problem.

Imagine if the races had been reversed. It would be a major national news story and every media outlet in the country would be screaming “hate crime.”

The local FOX station also calls the attacks rare, isolated events. They fail to mention that this has been occurring on a regular basis in Philadelphia for well over a year now. The Philadelphia District Attorney blatantly lies by claiming Philadelphia has one of the safest downtown areas in the country. It’s amazing he can say that with a straight face.

Philly Holds Teen Mob Emergency Meeting: