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Another miscegenation slaughter.

Another interracial romance ends in a horrific killing spree. These events in Virginia mirror a similar shooting spree in Michigan that took seven lives.

A black Army captain going through a divorce is accused of killing four white people, including his estranged wife. Besides the wife, he is accused of killing his mother in law, a friend of his wife, and the seven year old son of that friend.

The killer dropped off his Mulatto daughter unharmed at a hospital.

White women married to black men are 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by their husband than white women married to white men.

From Richmond Time-Dispatch…

A Fort Lee Army captain suspected of killing four people in Chesterfield County and Pennsylvania before taking his own life was in the final stages of a divorce and engaged in an ongoing custody dispute with his wife over their young daughter.

Chesterfield police believe Leonard J. Egland, 37 — who served combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq — fatally shot his estranged wife, Carrie P. Egland, 36; her friend Scott T. Allred, 40; and Allred’s 7-year-old son, Morgan, in the Chester home the Eglands had shared before they separated about a year ago and Leonard Egland moved out.

Leonard Egland is suspected of later killing his mother-in-law in Pennsylvania before dropping his daughter off unharmed at a hospital.

Rick Friedman, Carrie Egland’s divorce attorney, said the couple had separated in September 2010, and “we were planning on moving them forward with the divorce shortly.”