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CNN: Foreign troops leading fight in Libya.

CNN reports on the presence of foreign ground troops days after the “conspiracy” websites already broke the story.

While American planes drop millions of dollars worth of bombs a day, special forces from Britain, France, Quatar, and Jordan are leading “rebel” forces on the ground. It is now very apparent that “anti-war” leaders Obama and Hillary want a full scale military invasion and occupation.

Fighting on the the side of NATO is an assortment of rival tribal groups who live in the region with the oil fields, hardline Islamic militants (including actual Al-Qaeda members and foreigners who fought US troops in Iraq), professional gangsters, and ex-Qaddafi officials (some of whom were under investigation for embezzling millions from oil revenues right before hostilities broke out.)

Currently the rebel alliance is offering $1.3 million (USD) and amnesty for any crimes to any member of Qaddafi’s inner circle who kills him. Qaddafi is offering amnesty to any rebel fighters who switch sides, hoping that the presence of foreign ground troops will make some reconsider.

From CNN…

Special forces troops from Britain, France, Jordan and Qatar on the ground in Libya have stepped up operations in Tripoli and other cities in recent days to help rebel forces as they conducted their final advance on the Gadhafi regime, a NATO official confirmed to CNN Wednesday.

British forces, in particular, have assisted rebel units by “helping them get better organized to conduct operations,” the official said. Some of these forces from all the countries have traveled with rebel units from towns across Libya as they advanced on Tripoli.

Last night the US media was reporting that Libyans were dancing in streets of Tripoli and that Obama had saved the day. Today those stories are suddenly replaced with stories of fresh battles in Tripoli.