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CNN shows its sickening double standard.

Every single day white people are murdered by blacks. Tens of thousands of whites are beaten and/or raped by blacks every year. Most of these crimes are motivated largely or solely out of racial hatred. Yet the media does everything it can to censor these crimes. They are tiny blips in the local news with no mention of the race of the perpetrator. The media never screams “hate crime.” These stories do not get national attention.

On the other hand, white on black violent crime is extremely rare. Yet when it does happen, it is a national news story. The media automatically screams hate crime and lists the races of the perpetrators and victims at the top of the story. CNN and others are gleefully reporting that a black man was murdered by a group of white thugs in Mississippi. CNN even found it necessary to point out that the killer “has blond hair.” You can tell the media is thankful for the crime. After months of trying to suppress the massive amount of black on white crime that has occurred this year, they finally have a “hate crime” that they want.

Three weeks ago when a black man murdered a young white woman and maimed two others out of racial hatred, the media went to extreme lengths to censor the race of the victims. It was given the most minimal coverage possible and not a single media outlet anywhere called it a hate crime. Click Here.

Why not give the same treatment to the rapidly growing list of white victims?