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CofCC director Leonard Wilson to be featured in PBS documentary.

Outlaw Josey Wales movie poster.

Leonard Wilson will be featured in an upcoming documentary about Asa Carter, who wrote the Outlaw Josey Wales.

The book by Asa Carter became one of the most famous westerns of all time. Carter was briefly a member of the Citizens Councils of America in the 1950s before leaving and forming his own short lived militant group.

He is believed to have worked briefly as a speechwriter for Alabama Governor George Wallace.

He published The Rebel Outlaw: Josey Wales, under the pseudo-name Forrest Carter. Initially only about 150 copies were ever published. But one was sent to Clint Eastwood, who had launched his own production company. Eastwood decided to make it into a movie.

The book was heaped with praises until the true identity of its author was discovered.

From the production company:

“The Reconstruction of Asa Carter” at the Sidewalk Film Festival in
Birmingham on August 28 at 12:30–and that we will be having a world
premiere at the multiplex in Oxford the following evening. PBS will
be broadcasting the film in early spring of 2012.