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Extremist SPLC insults victims of brutal hate crime beatings.

The radical left-wing SPLC is supposed to be professionals at identifying hatred. However they show their true extremist agenda on their website.

The SPLC routinely reports on minor acts of vandalism and name-calling as “hate crimes.”

Yet when scores of white people are brutally beaten in racially motivated attacks all across the US, the SPLC suddenly is not sure if any are actual “hate crimes.”

The SPLC says that the fact that the mob attacks are “perpetrated almost exclusively by blacks” just might be a “coincident factor.” The extremist SPLC says it may just be a coincidence that the mobs occurring in over a dozen different cities are all black, and attacking random victims who just happen to all be white.

The SPLC then claims that all of the attacks may have nothing to do with anti-white hatred. The SPLC claims that “self-hate,” “age,” and “economic differences” among blacks, are the real reason for the horrific attacks. They go to insinuate that white people are somehow keeping young blacks at a disadvantage, which drives them to commit brutal beatings against pedestrians. Somehow it all goes straight back to being the white man’s fault.

Thank you SPLC for showing your true colors and exposing yourselves for the frauds that you are. This is the same organization that said Lord of the Rings is a racially offensive movie. Then they defended Machete, a violent anti-white race war fantasy. When confronted with the astronomical rate of black on white rape, they claimed that rape is not motivated by hatred.

The SPCL has been completely discredited. Even left-wing publications have denounced it as nothing more than a money making fund-raising hustle. Its creator Morris “The Sleaze” Dees is one of the highest paid “not for profit” execs in the nation.

As racially motivated black on white violent crime continues to grow, it completely invalidates the existence of the SPLC. In an attempt to stay relevant, the SPLC is becoming more shrill by the day.