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Illegal alien showered with taxpayer dollars.

An illegal alien from Mexico was awarded a $200k judgment of taxpayer dollars because she was “shackled” while in labor with her latest anchor baby.

She had been pulled over and found to have no driver’s license and was legally taken into custody in compliance with Federal law. She was sent to a detention center and went into labor with her fourth anchor baby shortly afterward.  The fact that she was near labor was a coincidence.

She had been previously deported from San Diego, California, but simply snuck across the border again. She was living in Nashville, TN.

Her lawyers claimed that she was horribly mistreated. The court awarded her $200k, which will come from the hardworking citizens of Davidson County, TN. Her team of lawyers will probably get half of that. They had requested $1.2 million.

Her attorney now claims that she was treated so badly that she also deserves a special visa that will allow her to legally stay in the US forever.

Article from CNN.