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J Street: American Jews will stand by Obama.

J Street published a poll claiming that a large majority of American Jews are standing by Obama despite his calls for Palestinian statehood.

Following the release of the poll, high profile J Street supporter Michelle Goldberg attacked the “Christian Right,” The TEA Party movement, and Israel’s treatment of the Arabs.

Photo from Michelle Goldberg, a columnist who supports J Street, attacked Christian Zionists. J Street claims that Christian Zionists like Beck and Palin are widely disliked by American Jews.


Polls shouldn’t to be dismissed, and columnist Michelle Goldberg does address them today in Tablet Magazine. But she also goes beyond them, making the case that they have historically undersold how much Jews actually end up backing Democratic candidates; and she goes even beyond that and explains why Jewish voters, particularly since the 1984 election, have backed the Democrat in massively disproportionately numbers: it’s because the Republican Party has increasingly aligned itself with groups, from the Christian Coalition to the Tea Party, that see America as a fundamentally Christian nation, and, as Goldberg puts it, Jews “are unwilling to assume a role in their own country that’s in any way analogous to that of Arab citizens of Israel—a people with legal equality who are nonetheless excluded from their nation’s raison d’être.”

For decades the United States has had a policy of “paying for peace” in the Middle East. The state department funds the Israeli, Egyptian, and Jordanian militaries, as well as Palestinian law enforcement in the West Bank. Recently polls in Israel and the West Bank suggest that neither side supports a two state solution. The “peace” that American taxpayers are paying for may be a fantasy.

J Street Poll of American Jews

60% approve of the job Obama is doing. Far higher than the general public and second only to blacks.

50% approve of Obama’s handling of the economy.

44% approve of his handling of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Only 10% said they have a favorable view of Glen Beck, despite Beck being a high profile Christian supporter of Israel.

Only 12% said they had a favorable view of the TEA Party movement.

62% said they are definitely voting to re-elect Obama. Only 20% said they are definitely voting Republican.

15% said they made a financial contribution to Obama in 2008.

70% said they would vote for Obama over Mitt Romney.

Notes: J Street describes itself as America’s largest “pro-Israel political lobby.” However it is widely disliked in Israel. It is also widely speculated that George Soros is partially funding the group. J Street has denied this.

J Street is very open about its support for the left-wing. In the 2010 election cycle, they gave $1.5 million to 61 different candidates. Their list of candidates reads as a whos-who of the radical left-wing. J Street differs from other Jewish political organizations in its very open glorification of the American hard-left.