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King Obama orders increased affirmative action for blacks.

Blacks make up 12% of the US population. However they make up 18% of the entire Federal workforce due to preferential treatment in hiring known as “affirmative action.”

Despite the fact that blacks are overrepresented in the Federal workforce by a full 50%, Obama ordered all agencies to increase the number of blacks hired. King Obama has ordered that the hiring of blacks be increased across the board within 180 days.

Left-wing extremist Ben Jealous, who heads the NAACP, praised Obama for this action. He then issued a hateful anti-white diatribe claiming that white people are holding back black people from getting jobs. Jealous stated “we are a country where it’s easier for a white male with a felony record to find a job than a black man that has never committed a crime, and that in itself is a crime.” Actually, America is a country where white people are bending over backwards to appease blacks, and white hating extremists like Ben Jealous continue to complain.