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Marxist New York Daily News gloats over successfully getting conservative principal fired.

The New York Daily News has been waging a vicious campaign of harassment against conservative columnist and former elected NYC school board member Frank Borzellieri. He has been working as the principal of a private Catholic school for two years. The Marxist rag has been agitating parents and members of Borzellieri’s church by calling him a “white supremacist” and urging blacks and Hispanics to complain to the Church.

Borzellieri has now been fired, and the paper is celebrating its triumph over democracy and freedom of speech. The radical left demands no dissent and it will not debate the other side. They only seek to silence the right through censorship and harassment.

The Daily News has an online poll purporting to show that only 16% of the public believe he should be allowed to remain as principle. However the poll may be completely fake. The percentages have not changed in several days despite large numbers of Borzellieri’s fans going to the website to vote.