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Massive race riot in North London.

From UK Daily Mail.

An army of black thugs burned a historical building down, beat white pedestrians, sent eight police officers to the hospital, torched police cars, and looted stores. An entire double decker public bus was reduced to ashes.

When looters entered a McDonalds, the employees fled. Then the thugs actually began cooking their own food!

Two UK Mail on Sunday photographers were viciously beaten.

From UK Daily Mail…

Twenty-six police officers were injured in riots that broke out two days after a man was shot dead by police.

Scotland Yard said at least one of the officers had suffered head injuries after protesters clashed with police in Tottenham, north London.

Scotland Yard said this morning: ‘There remain isolated pockets of criminality in the Tottenham area involving a small number of people. Officers are currently taking steps to deal with these incidents.’

In a statement, Commander Adrian Hanstock said: ‘Last night’s disorder and violence in Tottenham is completely unacceptable. The behaviour by a criminal minority put police officers, fire brigade personnel and the public at significant risk.

‘The death of Mr. Duggan is extremely regrettable and will be the subject of an independent investigation by the IPCC. It is absolutely tragic that someone has died, but that does not give a criminal minority the right to destroy businesses and people’s livelihoods and steal from their local community.

‘There was no indication that the protest would deteriorate into the levels of criminal and violent disorder that we saw. We believe that certain elements, who were not involved with the vigil, took the opportunity to commit disorder and physically attack police officers, verbally abuse fire brigade personnel and destroy vehicles and buildings.

‘We do not believe that this is something that the vast majority of law abiding citizens in Tottenham would condone or would want.’