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Media harassment campaign against Frank Borzellieri.

The New York Daily News has been carrying out a campaign of harassment against conservative author Frank Borzellieri. They are trying to get him fired from his job for being associated with American Renaissance.

Borzellieri is the principal of a Catholic school, and a former city school board member for nine years.

The newspaper published a vicious attack piece aimed at agitating parents of the school children against him. The article is a classic Marxist agit-prop piece aimed at getting him fired from his job.

The New York Daily News has now printed a follow up piece gloating that their first article prompted a man to disrupt mass at Borzellieri’s church. The man was so aggressive that the church was forced to call the police on him. The New York Daily News makes out this bully to be a hero for harassing Borzellieri.

In typical agit-prop fashion, the New York Daily News has a poll in which the reader is pushed to vote that Borzellieri should be fired from his job.

Original attack piece.

Second piece to gloat that their original piece caused a man to disrupt mass to harass Borzellieri.