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MLK monument to greed.

by Aaron Milligan

In a few days, thousands of Americans will descend on Washington’s National Mall for the official unveiling of the Martin Luther King national monument. President Obama will speak, arriving almost directly from his luxurious Martha’s Vineyard vacation. Tears will be shed, King will be beatified, and the $120 million sculpture will take its place as a new Mecca for the “civil rights” cult. And, of course, the white people in attendance will genuflect before the monument, the “civil rights leaders” in attendance, and the President, figuratively donning sackcloth and ashes to atone for the alleged sins of their distant forefathers.

Virtually every aspect of the spectacle, of course, will be a tragic farce. The ever-expanding narrative of King as an infallible saint is belied by the fact that he was, in life, a notorious whoremonger, a communist, an extortionist and a plagiarist. Obama will slip into his black accent and channel his inner Kenyan, though in truth he owes all of his success, education and eloquence to his white maternal grandparents. The “civil rights” movement will be memorialized as a time of unification for the country, when in fact it unleashed a Federal attack against the Southern states that continues to this day. Desegregation will be praised, with no mention of the fact that the practice has turned thousands of our public schools into war zones and permanently ruined our system of public education. The few blacks killed during those years will be mourned, while the millions of white victims of black crime in the years since will be forgotten.

It is sadly appropriate that the scandalous facts regarding the building of this monument to a revisionist mythos are themselves being ignored. First, in a fitting nod to King’s political leanings, the sculpture was actually made in China (a move that shed $6 million from the project’s cost). Then there’s the fact that the King family estate strong-armed the memorial’s organizers out of $761,000 for the right to use his likeness and words. But the most egregious scandal, one that has been (and, almost certainly, will continue to be) ignored by the media is the financial management of the nominally non-profit foundation that organized, funded and built the memorial– formally known as the Washington DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc.

With brazenness that would embarrass Jesse Jackson, the Foundation broke out the Fortune 500 list and rounded up six- and seven-figure donations from corporations around the country– Boeing, Target, Verizon, Best Buy, DuPont, Exxon Mobil, FedEx, etc. The largest single donor, ponying up $10 million, was General Motors– a corporation in such dire financial straights that it received billions in taxpayer-funded bailouts. It’s hard to blame the corporations, though– their tax-deductible donations to King’s legacy certainly cost their shareholders less than allegations of racism would have.

So, what kind of non-profit organization was the Foundation? If not for its $761,000 “MLK” invincibility shield, it could best be described as a scam. Charity Navigator, an unbiased organization that ranks the accountability, integrity and effectiveness of non-profits, gave the Foundation zero stars out of four. Its total score is 10 out of 100.

This abysmal rating is attributable to two main factors. First, the Foundation spends most of its money trying to get more money– literally. More than 53 percent of its expenses are for fundraising, and another 18 percent go to “administrative expenses.” The other factor is the exorbitant salaries it pays to its executives. Over the last four tax years for which records are available (2006 – 2009), Foundation president Harry Johnson was paid more than $983,000 in salary and $50,000 in expense allowances. Chief Financial Officer Richard Marshall got over $626,000 in three years. These salary levels are far out of line with non-profit standards; in fact, of the more than 5,000 charities evaluated by Charity Navigator, the Foundation was number 8 on its top ten list of “highly-paid CEOs at low-rated charities.”

Last year, Johnson was paid more than the combined salaries of the directors of the Museum of the Confederacy (S. Waite Rawls) and the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation (Dr. Paul Reber)– both of whom have far more distinguished professional and academic qualifications.

In profound but unintended ways, the new MLK memorial perfectly captures the man and his legacy. It was crafted in the world’s last significant communist state. His heirs reaped obscene profits while maintaining a patina of moral superiority. Its organizers did the same, successfully parlaying white guilt into cold, hard cash. It will be unveiled by a black president for whom “ending racism” is doublespeak for ending the white race. It sits in a predominantly black, black-ruled city that would surely descend into sub-Saharan anarchy without its never-ending stream of white tax dollars. It will be lauded in forcibly-desegregated schools, where white students often fear for their own safety and are socially engineered out of their natural, innate and justifiable pride in their own heritage.

The monument to a myth that will be unveiled in Washington this week is a farce, but that fact doesn’t render it insignificant. It is uniquely significant, because it serves as a benchmark to show how terribly far our once-great nation has fallen.