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More on Wisconsin State Fair hate crime mob attacks.

On the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair, a mob of 100 young black thugs viciously attacked white people in the parking lot as they were leaving.

The local police say none of the over two dozen black suspects they arrested will be charged with a hate crime. Read Article.

The local Fox Station tries to counter the story by interviewing a local “anti-racism” hustler who makes fantastical claims of “skinhead violence.”

The local FOX station discusses the racial nature of the attacks, but then tries to diminish it by interviewing a professional hustler who makes vague and outlandish claims of attacks against blacks. Arno Michael was involved with a “skinhead record label” founded in the early 90’s. The label and the bands it signed failed to gain any commercial success. Michael and the labels founder soon learned that there was more money to be made by attacking “white racists.” Both became professional “anti-racism” hustlers. Several other self-described “former skinhead leaders” have done the same as well. Often these hustlers are glorified in the media and their outlandish revenue generating claims are promoted without questions. A quick search on Google easily turned up a half dozen “reformed skinheads” that you can now readily hire as a public speaker.

Shame on Fox 6 Milwaukee for this propaganda. Why won’t they just report the actual news and let the people decide what to think about it for themselves.