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More racially motivated mob attacks in St. Louis.

A mob of 10-15 black attacked at least two cyclists in St. Louis. The attacks are part of an ongoing series of racially motivated beatings by young black thugs. The media has called it “the knockout game,” because thugs compete with each other to see who can inflict the worst injuries. Whites, Hispanics, and Asians have all been attacked. The thugs target anyone who isn’t black. At least one victim, an Asian man, has been killed.

Imagine if blacks were being targeted for attack in this way? It would be the biggest news story in the nation. Instead it is given minor local coverage only.

From CBS St. Louis…, an organization that promotes hiking and biking, is cautioning riders to be on the alert for roving bands of teenagers who swarm and attack riders.

Trailnet says the latest attack was last Thursday (8/25) afternoon near Missouri Botanical Garden where a group of 10 to 15 African-American teens charged and attacked a cyclist.

“They weren’t really interested in robbing me. It just seemed like they wanted to beat me up,” says assault victim Cheech Ramirez. “They weren’t interested in letting me get off the ground and having a fair fight.”

Ramirez says he and his friends returned to the scene minutes later to help another bicyclist who was being beaten.

Police say there have been other, similar attacks in the city, and they believe all the victims are picked at random.