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New Citizens Informer mailed today!

The new issue of the Citizens Informer newspaper was mailed today to all CofCC members and subscribers.

Don’t ever miss an issue. Join today for only $25.

The CofCC is the only serious nationwide activist group that sticks up for white rights!

Why haven’t you joined yet?

Membership in the CofCC is only $25 a year and includes a subscription to our quarterly paper and several other bonuses. Click here to join online via credit card.

All new members will receive:
1. Membership Card
2. Booklet on the MLK Holiday by Dr. Sam Francis & Sen. Jesse Helms
3. Issue 7 of the Occasional Papers from the Conservative Citizens Foundation
4. FREE DVD: The Frankfurt School Watch video clip.
5. Council Reporter Newsletter: Once a year mailing for National Conference.
6. Subscription to the Citizens Informer, published quarterly.
7. If there is an active chapter in your state, 25% of your dues goes directly to local activism.

The bonuses for joining the CofCC are intended to help keep members informed about their organization activities and to educate. However, the most important reason for joining is to be a real part of this vital movement.