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New Marine Corps Commandant vows affirmative action campaign.

Previous Marine Corps Commandants have courageously stood up to cultural Marxist in Washington and refused to reduce their standards to artificially promote blacks.

However, Gen. James Amos is vowing a new aggressive affirmative action campaign. Amos, who took the position last October, said he is “heartbroken” by the lack of black officers.

From North County Times…

“It’s not a quota I’m after, but I’ve got to pay attention to the numbers,” Amos told the naval officers association, a group made up mostly of U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard officers. “I just know I’m not happy with where we are.”

The Marine Corps promoted just 60 blacks among 1,073 promotions to the rank of lieutenant in 2010, he said. Amos said he wants to raise that 3.5 percent figure to at least 5 percent by the end of this year.

“We’re changing our entire approach,” he said, striding across the floor of a hotel ballroom as he made his remarks. “We’re going to improve this year, next year and the year after that.”

The Marine Corps is increasing its outreach to colleges and universities and establishing ties with athletic groups and other organizations to recruit more blacks, he said.

The diversity campaign also reaches into the Marine Corps’ past by elevating the story of the Montford Marines, a group of 20,000 blacks who were the first to join the Marine Corps when the service opened its doors to minorities in the 1940s.

Amos said it was shameful that the Marine Corps segregated those men into a separate boot camp established at Montford Point at North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune, where it operated from 1942-49 when the service integrated its recruit training.

The Marine Corps has failed to fully recognize or celebrate the legacy of the Montford Point men and that will change, Amos said.

What Amos is advocating is nothing more than anti-white discrimination and shameless pandering to blacks. Amos claims he does not want quotas, they explicitly describes how he plans to exact quotas.