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News Roundup: Crime

Cornel West, who campaigned with Obama, predicts massive riots in the US

Says Obama has let black people down. Claims riots will be motivated by “hatred and revenge.” Says Obama is a “black mascot” of Wall Street.

Did race hustler run off with the donations for Virginia’s “Slavery Museum.”

Yet another black on white murder in North Carolina.

Media barely takes notice. An 18 year old black thug murdered a 63 year old white man.

Yet another black on white attack in Columbia, SC.

A white woman was attacked by a black thug at the upscale Columbia Center. The woman fought off the attacker using her high heels as a weapon.

Extremist SPLC turns extremely rare, isolated Mississippi murder into fund-raising campaign.

Recently the SPLC insulted the victims of a nationwide wave of brutal black mob attacks against white people. They claimed  “race may only be a coincident factor.” Then the SPLC attacked the few commentators who have reported on the crimes as “white nationalists” with “breathless self-righteousness.” They went on to downplay and make excuses for the vicious thugs who had brutally beaten scores, possibly hundreds, of white victims in cities across the country.

Then the same group leaped on a rare white on black killing in Mississippi. White on black violent crime is extremely rare, yet the SPLC dubbed the killing “part of a national problem.” They have turned the murder into a fund raising campaign. A narrative reported by the SPLC and the CNN appears to be a complete fantasy. A CNN story, which quotes the SPLC, claims that two car loads of white teens went out hunting for a black man to murder. The SPLC has been claiming the same thing on their website. Police say that there was only one alleged killer who acted alone. His friends were all gone at the time of the murder. A second teen who allegedly assaulted the man earlier that night is only charged with simple assault and was not present during the alleged murder.

In the overwhelming vast majority of interracial violent crime cases, involving blacks and whites, whites are the victims and blacks are the perpetrators. Yet the SPLC refers to scores of black on white violent attacks as “coincidence factors” and a lone rare white on black murder a “national problem.”