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NYC to blow $127 Million on programs for black and Hispanic males aged 16-24 only.

NYC is about to dump $127 million into programs aimed solely at closing the “broad disparities slowing the advancement of black and Latino young men.” The money will pay for programs to teach black and Hispanic males that crime is bad and that they should take care of the children they father.

Other programs included will be free tutoring for black and Hispanic men, and special make work government jobs for blacks and Hispanic males living in housing projects.

The entire program is a classic “white man’s burden” scheme dreamed up by disingenuous white liberals. NYC Billionaire mayor Bloomberg is giving $30 million of his own money. Another $67 million is coming from extreme leftist George Soros, who uses his ill gotten billions to finance left-wing movements all over the world. The rest will be paid by the taxpayers.

The $127 million amounts to $86 for every “at-risk” black and Hispanic male between 16 and 24 in the city.

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