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Obama orders new delays for 300,000 deportation cases.

Obama is creating a mass amnesty by simply refusing to deport illegal aliens.

Congress is out of town and the public attention is focused on the new school year. Obama feels this is a perfect time to implement a unilateral mass amnesty.

Recently the Obama administration came up with a long list of reasons that an illegal alien may be allowed to stay. Some of the reasons are very vague and/or very easy to fake.

Now, as Obama is leaving for vacation, his administration has been given instruction to delay 300,000 pending deportation cases. Obama has already granted back door amnesties to illegal aliens from Haiti and Liberia. King Obama simply ordered that they be exempt from deportation. Illegal aliens from Haiti who had already committed crimes in the US were even released from detention on Obama’s orders. Numerous serious crimes, including murder, have been committed by illegal alien Haitians since the backdoor amnesty.

Surprisingly CNN published a commentary pointing out Obama’s deception, and admitting Obama is simply trying to stack the deck in favor of his re-election.

Read column from CNN.