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Rising interest in European history in Heavy Metal scenes.

Inspirational song at the annual Wacken Heavy Metal festival in Germany. Featuring members of the Scottish band Grave Digger and the German bands Blind Guardian and Van Cantos and a Highland pipe band. There is a revival of interest in European history and mythology that is being fueled by several predominately European based Heavy Metal music sub-genres.

[youtube PbzSWcRM9u0]

Other videos: Van Cantos a capella cover of the same song above.

Eluveitie: Swiss based Heavy Metal/Celtic Music Crossover. Songs focus on the history of the Celtic Gauls and Helvetie

Arkona: Russian based Slavic Folk Music / Heavy Metal crossover. Songs focus on Slavic mythology.

Amorphis: Finland’s most famous heavy metal band. They have been singing about Finnish folk lore almost exclusively for their 21 year history.