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Rick Perry's vaccine controversy.

After Rick Perry received a $6,000 donation from pharmaceutical company Merk, he issued an executive order for all 6th grade girls to receive a brand new HPV vaccine. HPV is more widely known as “genital warts” and usually spread through sexual contact.

The vaccine is considered strictly elective, in which individuals should decide whether the benefits outway the costs for them. The vaccine is new, and the long term health efforts are not known. It does not even protect against all genital warts, only certain strains. Many have deemed the vaccine completely unnecessary for their daughters.

Perry ordered all 6th grade girls to get the vaccine and ordered the state to pay $336 a piece for vaccines for uninsured 6th grade girls.

Parents sued to block the executive order, and the Perry’s sweetheart relationship with Merk was exposed.

Now Perry claims it was a “mistake.”

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