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Rosa Parks institute says anti-white AP story is false.

Once again is proven right. The AP turned a short story about sexual harassment into an allegation that Rosa Parks was “nearly raped” by a “white neighbor.” Now the people who are the leading authority on Rosa Parks say the short story is a work of fiction and not even a real event. The original AP story was a hoax designed to stir up racial hatred against whites and promote “white guilt.”

The original anti-white hoax article was written by Ula Ilnytzky who normally writes about theater and art. The original hoax article and incendiary AP video promoting the hoax can be viewed at the left-wing Huffington Post website.

Earlier this week the extremist SPLC fired off a diatribe complaining that this website had exposed the hoax. While admitting that we might be correct, the SPLC said that the fact that we exposed the AP’s hoax was “attacking Parks.” That is a stretch that only a militant leftist could say with a straight face.

From Detroit Free Press…

But the institute Parks created in 1987 to carry on her civil rights work said the story is one of several pieces of fiction that Parks wrote.

“Elaine Steele was Mrs. Parks’ longest and closest friend and confident,” said Steven G. Cohen, a Farmington Hills lawyer for Steele and the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development. “If there had been something like this in her background, Rosa Parks would have told Elaine and she didn’t.”

Cohen also said Steele and the institute are concerned that the Associated Press was allowed to examine Parks’ possessions, collected under court order from Parks’ riverfront apartment and from the institute office, yet the institute had tried unsuccessfully for four years to look at the artifacts.