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Russian Navy fights back against Somali pirates.

Expeditious disposal.

Ten Somali pirates stormed a Russian oil tanker and the crew locked themselves in a safe room. 24 hours later, Russian Navy commandos arrived and quickly captured all the pirates.

The Russians blew up the pirates’ ship. The pirates were released on a dingy. Now the liberal media is crying that the pirates may have died at sea and the Russian navy was too mean.

Russian commanders feared an international incident if they executed the pirates, so they set them adrift. “Human rights” groups are now whining that execution would have been more humane.

The European Union says only 10% of Somali Pirates captured have actually been prosecuted. Kenya and Seychelles have conducted the prosecution, and it is unknown what sentences have actually been passed down.

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said the raid was executed perfectly and ordered medals for the Navy commandos.