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SPLC angry that exposed AP hoax, but admits story may be "fiction."

Recently we reported that the AP is perpetrating an incendiary hoax, claiming that Rosa Parks was once “nearly raped” by a “white neighbor.” The left-wing Huffington Post took the AP story and upped the ante even more. Claiming the non-existent “near rape” was part of a campaign of racial oppression against black people.

The extremist left-wing SPLC denounced for exposing this, yet freely admits we may be completely right in their own attack piece.

“Was the short essay a horrific event Parks witnessed? Had she been a victim of sexual assault? Or was the essay a work of fiction? The answer died with Parks in 2005, but the CCC feels certain it is a hoax.” – SPLC

The “horrific event” is an incident where Rosa Parks says a white employer put his arm around her waist and offered her a shot of whiskey. Parks tells him to stop, and the man stopped. The most horrific event in Rosa Parks life was undoubtedly being severely beaten by a black man in 1994. The AP nor the SPLC even mentions this. The SPLC claims that was “attacking Rosa Parks.” Obviously this is completely false. We attacked the AP for perpetrating a fake story aimed at vilifying white people. The AP took a short story described above, which may or may not have been based on a real event, and claimed it was proof Rosa Parks had been “nearly raped” by a “white neighbor.”

The SPLC admits that the brief incident of sexual harassment may have been a fictional story or something that happened to someone else. In other words, was completely right but the SPLC hates the fact that we are right.

The SPLC them claims that “grossly distorts” crime statistics. Yet they do not provide a single example. The SPLC really hates it when we tell the truth.