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The Salishan welfare paradise in Tacoma, WA.

Salishan is a massive housing project in Tacoma, Washington. Recently a couple posted a video about the grandiose welfare paradise being built there with our Federal tax dollars.

Several left-wing outfits have denounced the video as a “hoax” because it states that $225 million in Federal funding looted from Social Security was used to build it. However, the $225 million in funding is the correct amount. However it came from a variety of sources. $35 million came from a “Hope VI” HUD federal grant. The city of Tacoma alleges that some of the $225 million came from “private investors.” The rest appears to have come from state and city coffers.

Here are the facts.

Salishan was built in the 40s to house military personnel and their families during WWII
In the 50s it was converted to low income housing, and “people of color” flocked to the community.
By 1955 it was notorious for high crime.
By the 1980s it was regarded as the center of gang activity in Tacoma, and ranked as one of the most violent areas of the state.
By 2000 the residents had trashed the dwellings, and the entire area was bulldozed.
In 2001 construction on a 1,300 unit $225,000,000 welfare paradise began.
The new development primarily houses single moms on welfare and immigrant families.
The city of Tacoma admits that 3% of residents are “non-citizens,” so the actual number is probably much higher.
Resident do not have to mow their own lawns.

Every stop was pulled for this plush welfare paradise. It was given its own taxpayer subsidized medical-dental clinic, public library, child care center, retail center, parks, and bike paths. There is also a maintenance center were city workers provide free maintenance and lawn care.

The only major error with the video is the source of the funding.