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Wall Street Journal attacks Section 8 vouchers.

Finally a major newspaper is admitting the obvious. Section 8 welfare housing subsidies are one of the most dangerous schemes in the history of welfare. The idea is to dump the worst long term welfare abusers into nice neighborhoods.

Section 8 is when a long term welfare abuser leaves public housing and moves into a new better neighborhood, and the hardworking taxpayers have to pay for their rent. It means that the working and middle classes are often paying for the decline of their own neighborhoods.

Currently the only defense against the Section 8 horror are landlords who care about the community. A landlord has the right to refuse section 8 tenants. Obama has made it clear that he wants to make it illegal for any landlord to refuse a section 8 tenant.

The Wall Street Journal requires that you register for an account to read this article. However the title sufficiently shows what it is all about. “Section 8 rental subsidies have long helped ruin neighborhoods. Obama administration policies are making things worse.”