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Welfare deviants proud of their lifestyle.

EBT stands for Electronic Benefit Transfer. Also known as “Eat Better than the Taxpayers.” At the end of the video, Keywanda brags that California includes $225 in “GR” money on her EBT card. GR stands for “general relief,” and is free money for “indigent adults who are not supported by their own means.” Just some extra walking around money at the taxpayer expense.

Of course add to this thousands in the backdoor federal welfare “tax credit” scheme, free medical care, free day care, free breakfast and lunch for their children at public school, subsidized housing, subsidized utilities, and many more freebies.

Caution. Song contains profanity and sexually explicit imagery.

California based “R&B singer” Keywanda.

[youtube NzspsovNvII]

Think this is isolated? Around 1995, the Cleveland Ohio based “Bone Thugs In Harmony” had a major hit pop song called “The First of the Month.” The song celebrates the arrival of welfare checks in the mail. Comedian discusses the nature of the song here.