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White police officer killed in unprovoked racially motivated double shooting.

This McDonald security camera photo shows officer Jeremy Henwood buying lunch for a ten year old boy minutes before he is murdered. Photo from Fox News.

Jeremy Henwood, a white police officer in San Diego, California was murdered in an unprovoked attack by a black thug. The thug, Dejon White, is suspected of critically wounding another white police officer one day earlier. The only motivation appears to be racial hatred of white people.

Henwood was a captain in the US Marine Corps, who had recently returned from active duty in Afghanistan.

There has been a shocking rise in anti-police spree shootings in 2011. In every case that has been made aware to the staff at, the killer is black and the victims are white.

Officer Henwood was constantly trying to help the local community. Just minutes before he was killed he bought lunch for a young black child, whom he thought was being neglected by his parents.

After leaving McDonalds, a car pulled behind Henwood’s patrol car and flashed his lights. Henwood pulled over and rolled his window down.

Officer Martin Hanna was parking his car when a man walked up to the driver side window and shot him in the face. Dejon White is believed to be the perpetrator. Photo from NBC San Diego.

Dejon White, a local black male gangbanger pulled up next to Henwood and shot him to death.

As police hunted for Dejon White, he waited in the parking lot of another burger joint with his girlfriend and a shotgun on his lap. He was killed in a shoot out with police.

Officer Martin Hanna was maimed by a shotgun blast in the face at pointblank range. He is fighting for his life at a local hospital. Police believe the same thug shot him.

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