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Another white college student killed in racially motivated attack.

Tyler Hinkler. Photo from

A promising 19 year old student in Pensacola was stabbed to death while delivering a pizza. Police are looking for a black male suspect. The suspect appears to have killed the 19 year old for the fun of it.

This editor personally knows a white man who was nearly murdered for being white while delivering pizzas. Two large black men walked up to him in a black neighborhood armed with guns and said “were going to kill you white boy.” The first one shot him in the arm with a 22. The victim charged him and fought back with his fists. The second thug repeatedly attempted to fire his handgun, but couldn’t get it to work. The two thugs eventually fled.


Escambia County sheriff’s investigators canvassed the area near a westside Domino’s Pizza on Monday, seeking information in the stabbing death Saturday night of a Pensacola State College student.

Tyler Hinkle, 19, of Pensacola was fatally stabbed outside the Domino’s at 27 N. Navy Blvd. after returning from delivering a pizza.

Hinkle’s friends described him as a well-liked young man whose goals were to get a bachelor’s degree and join the Navy, following in the footsteps of his father, Jim Hinkle.

“He was really, really close to his dad,” said Carlos Resendiz, 19. “I do know they always talked on the phone as much as they could whenever his dad was deployed. He was a big influence on him.”

Jim Hinkle, a nurse in the Navy, could not be reached on Monday. Some of his last Facebook posts were pictures of himself in Afghanistan.

The Domino’s was closed Sunday and reopened Monday evening.

Several of Hinkle’s friends and area businesses dropped off flowers and cards at the store.