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DHS lied about health hazards of dangerous "Body Scanners."

The TSA labor union in Boston, where agents who have been using the high powered x-ray “body scanner” machines for the longest, now have exploding rates of cancer. TSA agents in Boston, who were among the first to get the machines, are developing cancer at 8 times the rate of the general public according to union representatives.

The DHS immediately dismissed the cancer concerns by averaging the cancer rate out over eights years, instead of looking at the rate at which long time users of the body scanner are presently being diagnosed.

Johns Hopkins University is reporting that the machines do have the potential to dose the general public with unsafe radiation levels. The TSA labor union has been requesting special safety gear, but the DHS has refused. “Big Sis” Janet Napolitano knows that seeing TSA agents wearing safety gear would shock and horrify the American public.

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Napolitano and her agency also lied about taking naked pictures of people. Then they lied about saving those pictures to a hard drive. They lied about groping little kids. They lied about agents squeezing men’s (including congressman) genitals.

They have lied about EVERYTHING!

Now they are lying about the health risk of proposed MRI devices that will blast your genitals with a dangerous electromagnetic field each time you board a plane.

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