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Feds go after Bass Pro Shop.

EEOC is another Orwellian police state arm of the Federal government. The EEOC are unelected bureaucrats hired by the executive branch of the government. They enforce draconian “diversity” measures on companies through crippling lawsuits, which violate the nation’s 1st amendment rights.

They sued Polo-Ralph Lauren for millions for not using minorities in advertisements. Then they sued Abercrombie & Fitch for having too few minorities in ads. Today, every clothing company with a mostly white clientele uses a disproportionately large number of minorities in ads. This is out of fear of being sued. Many place interracial couples in ads specifically out of a fear of being sued. Clothing companies with a mostly black clientele still use mostly, or all, black models with impunity.

This constant financial shakedown and harassment of businesses is solely aimed at white people. In Federal agencies, affirmative action hiring practices have given blacks double and triple their representation. Obama’s White House wait staff is reported to be 100% black.

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