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Hungary moves to prosecute former NKVD killer.

No Soviet killers have ever been prosecuted for the genocidal campaign to depopulate ethnic Germans from Hungary.

From Digital Journal…

Hungary’s National Office of Investigation (NNI) has begun an inquiry into a 66-year-old war crime allegedly committed by the Soviet Red Army in which 32 men aged mainly between 16-22 were summarily shot in front of their parents.

The inquiry is significant because although hundreds of Hungarian soldiers have been charged with war crimes, one prime minister and at least six general were executed and hundreds of others tried, no-one has yet dared to point a finger at the Soviet Red Army or the secret police, the NKVD, both of which are widely known to have committed atrocities, including mass looting, mass rape, murder and the enforced deportation of some 600,000 people to Soviet GULAG labour camps, half of whom died. reports the young men were buried in a mass grave. Other reports say they were buried in hastily-dug graves 70 centimetres (two feet) wide, wrapped only in sheets, according to Napló Online.

The inhabitants of the village, an ethnic German one in north-western Hungary, did not dare to speak about the crime during the period of Soviet occupation, which lasted from 1945 to 1989 and even afterwards, did not tell anyone outside the community.
However, they did tell their children and raised tombstones for the victims. Ten years after the Red Army withdrew from Hungary, they finally raised a memorial to the 32 young people.