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Latest wave of black violence explodes across Philadelphia.

Thugs intensify horrific crime wave across Philadelphia. For a long time the Philadelphia media was censoring the race of black crime perpetrators, which created a backlash against the local media. Now that everyone knows the overwhelming majority of violent crime in the area is committed by blacks, the media seems to have switched to censoring the race of the victims. For the past two years Philadelphia has seen regular black on white racially motivated mob attacks.

As well have reported before, the local media in Philadelphia is still trying to censor information about black on white violent crime.

Black male shots 54 year old man repeated at ATM until victim dies. Thug flees with $200. Race of victim not given.

Two black males carjack elderly man. Race of victim not given.

The armed black males attack man in broad daylight. Victim fights off attackers. Race of victim is not given.

Three Latino males open fire in two different grocery stores. Police believe the same trio have killed three and left a fourth in critical condition. No information on the victims.

Black man opens fire at party. Kills random 16 year old. Victim is probably black.

Black teens open on each other. 6 year old girl shot in the head. Victim is black.