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Left-wing thugs get sued over cancelled 2010 Amren conference.

In 2010, extremist left-wing thugs organized a campaign of harassment to intimidate multiple hotels in the Washington DC area to cancel on American Renaissance.

One of the speakers, David Yeagley, is now suing two of the ringleaders for conspiracy and tortious interference with contract.


David Yeagley, the great-great-grandson of the legendary Comanche chief Bad Eagle, has filed charges in Oklahoma state court against Jeffrey Imm, Daryl Lamont Jenkins, and several other “John Doe” defendants whose names will be added to the suit as their identities become known.

According to Dr. Yeagley’s complaint:

These Defendants and their co-conspirators contacted hotels retained to host Plaintiff’s speaking engagement and used threats of murder, violence, and other tactics to induce those hotels to breach their contractual agreement to host Plaintiff’s speaking engagement. These terrorists must now be brought to answer for their actions … .He adds the following about the defendants:

While their monikers and supposed ideologies may differ, there is one thing they all have in common: They will use any means necessary, including violence and threats of violence, to stop those whom they disagree with from associating and expressing their views.Dr. Yeagley is seeking monetary damages for the harm he suffered because of the cancelation, in addition to “unlimited punitive damages” and “such other and further relief as this Court deems just and proper.”