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Mayor Bloomberg demands end to 2nd & 4th amendment rights.

NYC mayor Bloomberg has called for a radical “blueprint” to suppress the constitutional rights of law abiding New Yorkers.

Bloomberg cited the rampant gun violence by black gangbangers over the weekend, as a reason for law abiding citizens to give up their rights. Bloomberg wants the innocent unarmed, while the thugs will still have illegal guns anyway.

Read shocking blueprint of Bloomberg’s proposed draconian police state.

Related: Florida demands right to self-defense.

Readers of the Florida Sun-Sentinel rejected a whiny anti-self-defense opinion piece in the Sun-Sentinel. Stein called for an end to Florida’s stand your ground law. The online version of the article includes a four answer poll. The answers are loaded with commentary designed to push the reader into agreeing with Stein.

Despite this, 80% voted in favor of the right to stand your ground.

Read Article.