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Obama calls for $1.5 Trillion in new taxes! More looting of Social Security.

Obama unveiled his new plan to fund his socialist empire. He wants $1.5 Trillion in new taxes and a reduction in the social security and medicare benefits for the people who spent a lifetime paying into these funds. All while Social Security and Medicare funds are looted and given to welfare recipients and illegal aliens who never even paid into it.

From Yahoo News…

President Barack Obama will propose $1.5 trillion in new taxes as part of a plan to identify more than $3 trillion in long-term deficit reduction and slow the nation’s escalating national debt.

Obama’s tax plan is aimed predominantly at the wealthy and draws sharp contrasts with congressional Republicans.

It comes just days after House Speaker John Boehner ruled out tax increases to lower deficits. It also comes amid a clamor in his own Democratic Party for Obama to take a tougher stance against Republicans. And while the plan stands little chance of passing Congress, its populist pitch is one that the White House believes the public can support.

The core of the president’s plan totals just more than $2 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years. It combines the new taxes with $580 billion in cuts to mandatory benefit programs, including $248 billion from Medicare.

The administration also counts savings of $1 trillion over 10 years from the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.