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Obama's "Hip hop charter school" blows half million and has nothing to show for.

Photo from Portland Tribune. The Tribune was very honest about the fact that the school was aimed solely at non-whites. "It isn’t supposed to appeal to middle-aged white men," said the Tribune. In 2009, the Tribune cited Obama as the reason the proposed "school" was funded.

Here is a big surprise. A proposed “hip hop charter school” in Portland has been canceled after planners blew a HALF MILLION in Federal grant money and have NOTHING to show for.

In fact, planners currently OWE $200,0000. That’s $700,000 with nothing to show for.

This is a perfect example of what the Obama administration is blowing our tax dollars on.


Students and parents eagerly awaiting opening day Monday at Portland’s new recording arts-centered charter high school expressed astonishment Friday that the school has been shut down.

Sisters Gabby and Maya Vertner were ready to start their junior and freshman years at REAL Prep Charter Academy, whose personalized, hands-on philosophy was just what their mother, Patty, thought they needed. An open house at the school’s Pearl District location two weeks ago kindled that feeling, with nothing seeming amiss.

So they were among dozens of students shocked Friday to learn the hip-hop-themed school is dead, felled by its planners’ failure to have the minimum curriculum, materials, leaders and space ready, despite more than two years and $500,000 worth of planning.

“I’m angry, disappointed, sad,” Patty Vertner said. A week into the school year, the girls have no idea where they will go to school this year, she said.

Officials at Portland Public Schools cut off funding for the school Friday, citing an astounding lack of readiness.