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Racially motivated killing of white pedestrian.

Gordon Reese. Photo from ABC 4 Pittsburgh.

A 31 year old white pedestrian was shot and killed by a black thug north of Pittsburgh, PA. The killing appears to be motivated by racial hatred. The victim was a father of two.

If the races had been reversed, this would be a major national news story. Instead it is just a small local story.


Friends of 31-year-old Gordon Rees Jr. said the passing car first clipped him on the leg on Williams Street shortly before 10:30 p.m. He turned and yelled, and the car stopped.

“There was an old black (Chevrolet) Cavalier that was going about 70 or 80 miles an hour and came up behind him and clipped him,” said a friend who was with Rees at the time. “Gordon stood there and said, ‘If you’re going to shoot me, shoot me,’ because he didn’t really think he was going to get shot, because he did nothing wrong.”

Rees’ friend, who did not want to be publicly identified, said they were walking to Rees’ mother’s house when the shooting happened.

“I just started screaming and screaming, ‘Someone call 911,’ and since no one was answering me or doing anything, I had to pick him up and put pressure on his heart and his back to keep the blood from coming out,” he said. “I was just hoping my brother wasn’t going to die. He’s like a brother to me. He’s always protecting me.”