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Rep. Lamar Smith calls for 1984 police state.

Note: This draconian act has already been passed by the House Judiciary Committee, but was never reported in the news. We checked, and the vote was a “voice vote” so their would not be a public record of who voted in favor of the act.

It has come out that their were 50 major incidents on airplanes last Sunday. In some cases, every passenger was detained for hours and questioned. After being pumped with fear by the Federal government, people were reporting every idiotic thing as a “suspicious activity.”

Anti-liberty  Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX) has introduced a bill that would encourage Americans to frivolously tattletale on their neighbors.

His bill would give immunity from prosecution, people who make malicious accusations about their neighbors to police. Other nations who actively encouraged residents to tattletale of their neighbors include the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, Nazi Germany, Communist Cuba, and other dictatorships.

From the Sacramento Bee…

The National Association of Security Companies (NASCO) today endorsed the See Something, Say Something Act (H.R. 963), by Congressman Lamar Smith (R—21st District Texas), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, calling it sensible policy that expands protections against lawsuits for individuals who provide good faith reports of suspicious terrorist-related activity to an authorized official.  The legislation will further encourage citizens to take an active role in reporting suspicious activity without fear of legal retribution.

The bill was passed out of the House Judiciary Committee in late July.  NASCO applauds the efforts of members of Congress who have sponsored and supported legislation to bring reasonable legal safeguards to courageous, watchful citizens and looks forward to working with Congressman Smith to pass this important legislation.

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