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Reuters: Onstar really is spying on you.

Persistent claims about Onstar spying have sounded like wild “conspiracy theories.” However, many outlets, including Reuters are now reporting that it’s true.

Onstar is collecting information to sell to third party companies. While OnStar claims they are not identifying you by name to insurance companies, the potential obviously exists. In other words, OnStar could easily make money by “snitching” on you to your insurance agency.

In fact, Reuters reported that the OnStar may still be spying on you even if you don’t subscribe. They only need the hardware in your vehicle.

From Reuters…

General Motors Co’s OnStar may be watching your moves later this year — even if you no longer subscribe to the service.

OnStar, known for connecting drivers to live operators who can provide directions or summon emergency help after an accident, starting in December plans to collect data from people who discontinue the service unless they specifically ask for the connection to be severed.

Among the details that would still be collected are speed, location and other data from global positioning system satellites, raising potential concerns from privacy advocates.

The data collected may be shared with or sold to third parties for any purpose after identifying tags are removed, the OnStar policy states. Such uses might include research into public safety or traffic services, according to the policy.

“We have never sold any personally identifiable information to any third party,” Joanne Finnorn, vice president for subscriber services at OnStar, said in a statement.