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"Acceptance" of homosexuality was only the beginning.

Photo From UK Daily Mail. Lesbian parents with adopted son. Say they are proud to be "transistioning" boy into a girl.

The left-wing never divulges their whole agenda. They work in baby steps. We can now see the full scope of the left-wing agenda on “sexual freedom.”

Lesbian couple “transitioning” adopted deaf son into a “girl.”

A lesbian couple has been dressing their adopted son up in women’s clothes and started him on hormone therapy at age eight. The boy is now 11.

The couple lives in San Fransisco where they say friends and synagogue members are highly supportive of their “transitioning” adopted son into a girl.

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Huffington Post glorifies bestiality!

Photo from Huffington Post. Bestiality advocate Malcom Brenner.

The Huffington Post is a well known left-wing news site. It has run at least a dozen columns attacking the CofCC and our website in particular as “racist.”

Apparently Huffington Post writers find black crime data “offensive,” but bestiality with dolphins is not offensive.

Here we see the full scoop of the extreme left-wing agenda among writers for Huffington Post.

They actually published a column last week glorifying bestiality. Huffington Post Simon McCormack floats the idea that sexual relations with dolphins are somehow superior to that with other animals.

The first full fledged “human dolphin marriage” was performed in Eilot, Israel in 2008.

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