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Forced medicating of the public through water supplies.

Municipalities in Australia, UK, and Canada are rapidly discontinuing the practice of forcibly medicating the public with fluoride.

After decades of medicating the public with fluoride has shown no improvement in the oral health among the public. Recently a huge study in Australia compared children in fluoridated areas and children in non-fluoridated areas. In conclusively disproved the fluoride/oral health hoax. Fluoride actually delays normal tooth development. Children drinking water medicated with fluoride get their adult teeth significantly later than children not medicated with fluoride. When the medicated children reach 18, it creates the illusion that fluoride reduced tooth decay. However, this is because the teeth are physically younger and have had less time to develop decay.

The sea change in attitudes in Australia, the UK, and Europe has come about because enough people complained that the “mainstream” media in those nations final started talking about it. Even if fluoride was good for you, why should the public be forcibly medicated with it. Why not allow individuals to regulate their own intake.

NOTE: Much of the fluoride in American drinking water is actually imported from China! It is industrial waste from Chinese factories.

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