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California race hustler goes on shooting spree. 3 dead, 7 wounded.

Shareef Allman interviewing Jesse Jackson for a video project the pair worked on last year. Allman is accused of murdering three co-workers and maiming others.

Update: Shareef Allman has been killed by police.

“He always spoke about what a black man should be. Everything he does is to create a positive impression of black men.” – local NAACP president speaking about spree killing suspect Shareef Allman.

The San Jose, California shooting spree appears to be racially motivated. It bears similarities to the Manchester, CT racially motivated workplace shooting of 2010 that left nine people dead.

Shareef Allman is the host of a cable access tv show, Real2Real, where he talks about black racial issues. He is also an equipment operator at a quarry. He is accused of opening fire on his co-workers. Three died, and six more are wounded. He is believed to have wounded a seventh female victim and stolen her car later in the day.

In a press conference, the local San Jose NAACP president Pastor Jethroe Moore II praised Shareef Allman as a “man amongst men” and a “stalwart in the community.” Moore also called the suspect “a man of love and peace.” This praise came AFTER the media identified Allman as the suspect. Local NAACP board member Walter Wilson also praised Allman for his activism in the black community.

Co-workers are disputing the praised heaped on Allman by the NAACP. They say he was a terrible employee who was late all the time and kept causing an exorbitant amount of accidents.

[youtube ZQk7L190PXw]