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Caucasians were the first inhabitants of America.

Caucasians were the first inhabitants of America.

Ancient Caucasian remains have been found in the US from Washington to Florida. One end of the US to the other. Carbon dating shows that these are the oldest remains in the US. At some point, huge numbers of Asiatic peoples spilled across the Bearing Straight. The original Caucasian inhabitants were wiped out through war and absorption.

There is a mistake in the title. The video is about an extremely old “Caucasoid” skeleton in Arizona. It was found with complex woven fabric which the American Indians did not have. It is also older than any American Indian remains ever found in the area.
[youtube No_aGmprKM8]

Fast forward to 10:34 to see the results of the Windover Bog People DNA tests.
[youtube C2LbIE7juOw]

CofCC National Board Member Paul Fromm introduces Stephen McNallan at a speaking engagement in Canada. McNallan staged protests that helped allow scientists gave the rights to conduct limited tests on the Kennewick Man remains.
[youtube lIkkA8STBDI]