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Louisiana passes anti cash law!

Louisiana passed an anti-cash law that nullifies a key line on US currency. “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.”

The law makes it illegal to take cash for second hand property. Anyone selling more than one used item per month must take a check or electronic transaction.

This police state law will effectively ban the use garage sales, craigslist, and newspaper classified ads. It will also devastate charities like Goodwill, and stores that sell second hand merchandise.

The law is so outrageous, that when news first hit the internet, many thought it was a hoax story. Left-wing Democrats Rick Hardy, who co-authored the bill, is defending it to the media.  He says the law will stop fencing of stolen merchandise. In reality it is a tactic to increase tax revenues. Governments would prefer that all your transactions go through a bank account so they can better monitor how much money you have.